TJS Provides Original Equipment Manufacturers Quality Components, Service, and Support

Lumonics/JK Laser Lasers Repairs, Field Service, and Replacement Components

Endeavor: Fiber Laser Applications

Lumonics Multiwave Auto Laser Service and Repair

Endeavor RETRO: Fiber Laser Applications

JK Lasers Enhanced CW, Lumonics, and General Scanning GSI,  Pulsed Lamps

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Rofin, Lee Lasers, AB Lasers, and Baasel Laser Repair

Fiber Laser Marking Systems

Candela Service and Repair

Coherent Replacement Parts and Support

Medical Laser Parts and Repair

Excel, Control Laser, Baublys, Quantronix Components and Consumables

Candela Laser Parts

Spectron SL Series Laser Repairs, Field Service, and Replacement Components

Continued Support for General Scanning, GSI Highmark and Lee Laser

Laser Cutter Repair

GSI Lumonics, JK OEM Flashlamps, Parts, In-House Repairs, and On-Site Service

Laser Engraver Repair

Laser System Service and Repair

GSI Lumonics Flash Lamp and JK Flash Lamp Pumped Laser Systems

Lumonics Luxstar-50 and LXTR-50 Laser Repair

TJS Welcomes a New President of TJ Sales

Do You Own Legacy, Obsolete, and Older Laser Systems?

Candela Laser Support

LuxStar LX-50 Laser Welding System

Laser System Components

Aesthetic Laser Repair

Rely on TJS for Ongoing Lee Laser Systems Support and Service

Laser Flash Lamp Replacement

GSI Lumonics Flashlamp Pumped Laser Systems

Long-Term Laser System Support 

Introducing Laser Deionization Filters!

CO2 Laser Components

IPL Repair Service

CO2 Laser Parts

Lumenis Laser Repair

Krypton Arc Laser Lamp

Pulsed Xenon Lamps

Candela GentleLase Laser Parts and Repair

Cutera CoolGlide Laser Parts and Repair

UV Curing Lamps

Trumpf Laser Parts and Service

Cynosure Laser Machine Parts

Finding Quality Laser Components: Know What You Need

TJS Lasers at SPIE Photonics West 2017

TJS Acquires SPI Lamp Pumped Nd:YAG Laser Business

TJS, Inc. Acquires SPI Lasers’ Lamp Pumped Service and Support Business

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Quick Guide to Common Laser Parts: Flash Lamps

The Most Common Laser Parts for Solid State and CO2 Laser Systems

Cynosure PicoSure: Medical Laser Service and Repair Options

3 Things to Look for in a Laser Parts Supplier

Wrap Around Fiber Laser Service

Endeavor Fiber Laser Systems

Endeavor- J Series Fiber Laser Debuted at 2016 SPIE Photonics West

Industrial Laser Endeavor Series Options

Endeavor RETRO Fiber Laser Marking System

Prolase 10 Laser Marking Software Free Upgrade

DI Filters For Lasers

Depth of Field Error Correction Using Endeavor Fiber Laser

TJS Ships the First Endeavor Fiber Laser System

TJS Announces the Release of the Endeavor J-Series Fiber Laser Systems

Candela Flow Tube Laser Components Available

Diversatec DI Filter Replacements

Parts for Laser

Parts for Candela Lasers for Service and Repair

Control Laser: There is value in these older laser systems.

TJS Custom Signature Laser System Design Including Prolase Software

Technical Support and Laser Repair for a Control Laser Signature

Multi-Axis Laser Marking Software Support

Custom Laser Marking System Integration

Laser Field Service For Baasel/AB Systems

Laser Field Service and Repair for Engraver

TJS Laser Repair Services Reduce Operator Frustration

TJS to Attend SPIE Photonics West

GSI Lumonics and TJS Enter Into Service Agreement

TJS is Excelitas' Exclusive Flash Lamp Distributor

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