Control Laser: There is value in these older laser systems.

The use of lasers and their applications can be very diverse. This "diversity" can often lead to confusion and uncertainty when evaluating system value, especially older lasers.

TJS Custom Signature Laser System Design Including Prolase Software

I wanted to mention that your service engineer did a great job.  He thinks outside of the box, has a keen eye for detail, and adhered to our strict office protocols.   We really appreciate excellent customer service and it was nice to see someone put 200% into their job.
Best regards,

Technical Support and Laser Repair for a Control Laser Signature

Hello Randy.

Thanks for the update. I sent the message to the warehouse crew to try and coordinate this-I have been tied up in meetings. This time of year is very busy- budgets, evaluations, goals for next year, equipment planning,etc.  I sent our PLC guy over for moral support. Again, I really appreciate your support in helping us resolve this. It is not frequent that we get a vendor that is so proactive in troubleshooting.

We will get ours installed and repeat the procedure once it arrives.  Again, thank you.


**Notes - This is for technical support and repairs to a Control Laser Signature laser.