Laser System Service and Repair

Whether you’re using a medical laser or an industrial laser, your laser system is essential to the operation of your business. TJS Inc. offers wrap-around laser system service and repair for every stage of your laser set up and operation. From emergency repairs to safety training, we will help you get up and running fast.

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays from everyone here at TJS, Inc!

Medical Laser Parts and Repair

With advancements in medical lasers making greater and greater strides all the time, it is important to know that any medical laser you add to your office is fully supported throughout the life of the laser.

Finding a reliable source for commonly replaced laser parts (like flashlamps) and experienced service personnel in case something goes wrong is the key to keeping your laser running and productive.

Parts for Candela Lasers for Service and Repair

A common laser system component that requires service and repair is a Candela laser inductor, also sometimes referred to as a laser choke.  TJS Lasers carries a full line of Candela inductors and has most of them in stock at any time.

Trumpf Laser Parts and Service

With nearly 100 years of experience manufacturing laser systems, Trumpf lasers can be found across the globe. For those in the U.S., however, you have options when choosing a Trumpf laser part and service provider.

Rofin, Lee Laser, AB Lasers, and Baasel Laser Repair and Laser Service

We are getting quite a bit of Coherent traffic, and customers looking for assistance on their older lasers are no longer supported. These include the Rofin line, Lee Laser, AB Lasers, and Baasel lasers that can be found doing laser marking, cutting, welding, soldering, and brazing, perforating, drilling, and more.

With so many applications and industries relying on Rofin lasers, it is vital that any downtime is kept to a minimum. We offer comprehensive Rofin laser service, laser repair, and maintenance to keep your Rofin laser up and running.

Rely on TJS for Ongoing Lee Laser Systems Support and Service

Recently Lee Laser Inc., part of the Coherent Group, closed its laser facility here in Orlando. This action has created difficulties for those needing components, services, or repairs for their systems.

With over 30 years of experience supporting the Lee Laser systems, TJS, Inc. can fill this gap and offer all users the support they need.

Aesthetic Laser Repair

As the largest U.S. company manufacturing direct replacement components for the aesthetic laser industry, TJS offers high quality replacement components and highly trained and experienced staff to perform aesthetic laser repair.

Industrial Laser Endeavor Series Options

TJS has three industrial fiber laser marking system options released and available now.

IPL Repair Service

Performing regular service for your laser and IPL equipment makes sure that you are not losing precious time to out-of-service equipment.

Medical professionals need an IPL repair service partner they can trust, so maximize your laser up time with TJS Lasers.