Control Laser: There is value in these older laser systems.

Posted by Randy Lusignan on 10/10/23 1:00 PM

The use of lasers and their applications can be very diverse. This "diversity" can often lead to confusion and uncertainty when evaluating system value, especially older lasers.

With the introduction of newer technologies like Diode, Fiber, and Disc, many customers find themselves perplexed and often confused, thinking they must replace their older lasers with this current technology.

There are many aspects of these newer technologies that are never disclosed to potential customers, and in many situations, they simply are not the best solution for their applications.

TJS, Inc. offers our customers an unbiased, knowledgeable solution for maintaining and providing comprehensive support, laser service, and laser repairs for your existing CLC products as well as A-B/Rofin, Lee Laser, General Scanning, GSI, HI-Mark, and more. 

Since we are not a laser manufacturer, there is no added pressure to sell you a laser to replace your "older" system. We have found in most situations, these lasers are adequately fulfilling the production and reliability requirements they were originally sold and intended to address by the same OEM trying to sell you a new laser!

control laser upgrades, control laser repairsAt TJS, we offer 100% support for all Control Laser systems including Signature, Elite, Script, Insignia, Icon, Condor, and ProWriter.

The same holds for A-B/Rofin, Lee Laser, General Scanning, GSI, HI-Mark, and just about any older laser system.

We would be happy to discuss your system, application or any maintenance questions you may have.

Our vast inventory contains many original manufacturer components for these lasers. These critical items are always available for immediate overnight shipment.

Our Repair Department provides repair services for critical subcomponents like RF-Driver, Lamp Power Supply, Control & Power Distribution Boards, Nd:YAG rod resurfacing, Galvanometers and Mirrors along with much more.

One of the primary concerns with these older systems is the operating system and associated hardware. TJS offers our Prolase-ProLase10 Laser Software and hardware upgrades for all Control Laser systems as well as A-B/Rofin, Lee Laser, General Scanning, GSI, HI-Mark, and more.

With our Prolase upgrade, we remove all proprietary and obsolete OEM hardware and software. In turn, we replace these items with a single PC using Windows 10 operating systems.

All hardware installed by TJS is off the shelf and available from many alternate sources including TJS. This design and philosophy provide our customers long-term solutions for their investment.

At TJS, we are committed to customer satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss our full support capabilities.

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