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TJS offers laser system upgrades using the Industry leading Prolase software and hardware upgrades for most Nd:YAG, Fiber and CO2 lasers

TJS provides cost effective, reliable upgrade options and full support for existing lasers. TJS will remove obsolete and proprietary Original Equipment Manufacturer “OEM” hardware and software

The most popular product laser software product is ProLase for Windows. This high-end laser marking software system is richly featured, loaded with advanced capabilities, including importation of many vector and bitmap graphics formats, finely tunable bar code formats including ID Matrix 2-D codes, precise vector hatch fill for graphics and True Type fonts, tool path optimization, and a large variety of configurable drivers for various laser/galvanometer configurations to name just a few.


ProLase10 is the newest member of the ProLase family. It maintains the look and feel of our
 popular ProLase user interface, but has a whole new engine under the hood. Specifically designed  kernel mode drivers allow ProLase10 to support all of the hardware configurations offered in  previous versions of ProLase, while running natively in the current Microsoft operating systems  (Windows 10).

ProLase10 will also run under Windows 2000/XP/7/8. Of course, our policy of  continually improving our product and adding new features continues with ProLase 10.

Among the latest features added are goodies such as “Rich Text Objects”, improved ID Matrix marking and an  optional graphic acquisition method. ProLase 10 also has a new Application Arrays feature that  allows for generating arrays of marks with incremented laser parameters (speed, freq, Wave Form,  etc.). This greatly simplifies the process of finding the right parameters for new materials.

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Prolase is a powerful, user-friendly industrial software program designed for use with most laser marking systems including Nd:YAG, Fiber and CO2.

Free Laser Software DemoFree Demo of ProlaseXP


Specifically designed kernel mode drivers allow ProLase7 to support all of the hardware configurations offered in previous versions of ProLase, while running natively in the current Microsoft operating systems (Windows7). ProLase7 will also run under Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.

ProLase RTC

ProLase RTC operates only with the SCANLAB RTC interface. Please note that this is the only driver interface supported by ProLase RTC. Other versions of ProLase support all interfaces, including RTC and direct galvo control.

ProLase 95

ProLase 95 is an older version of our current product, ProLaseXP. Please note that ProLase 95 runs only under Windows 95/98/ME. It will not function under Windows NT/2000/XP. At this time, no new features are being added to ProLase 95, though we will continue to support it for our customers.

ProLase is the most advanced laser marking software available today.

Among its many features are ease-of-use, high performance, flexibility, and low cost that give you the best laser marking software on the market today. Designed to be both a retro-fit package and the original software on new machines, ProLase can support a large variety of galvanometric hardware configurations, including most existing laser marking systems, marking heads and lasers.

Whether it is for the integrator looking for a richly featured platform flexible enough to support all their marking solutions, or the job shop that demands that highest quality engraving possible, ProLase is the right choice.

Text, barcodes, graphics, fonts, fills, automation, parts handling, machine control, interfaces, transformations, security controls, support, quality, flexibility, affordability and more!

ProLase has all the features that you should demand in quality laser engraving software!

ProLase Features

Galvo Interface ProLase supports direct Analog and Digital control of galvanometers, as well as ScanLab helper cards.
Laser Interface Any type of marking laser can be controlled and calibrated.  Virtually any marking application can operate with ProLase.
User Interface The ProLase user interface focuses on the richness of its feature set while remaining intuitive and easy to learn.
Object Types Vector graphics, bitmap graphics, bar codes, serial text, external input, drilling, and micro-machining and more!
Object Control Sizing, rotation, ring-mode text, line width, hatch fill, kerning, line spacing, step and repeat, and far, far more...
Mark Field Control High-speed motion control system that can be customized to fit the galvanometric and optical situation of any marker.
Parts Handler Digital input and output that can be configured for interlock detection, start mark, aborts, process synchronization, conditional marking, and more!
ProLase Plus ProLase Plus adds 4 external axis controls that can run stepper or servo motor systems.  Mark areas larger than the laser field, even wrap text around a cylinder!
ProLase Toolkit and ProLase Server If our user interface isn't what you need, then use ProLase as the back-end for your own custom application.  Access all the power of ProLase through either an extension DLL interface or through a COM Automation server.

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