Flashlamps are the light source of choice for high performance flash and arc lamp applications such as medical and industrial laser pumping, digital and studio photography, warning beacons and strobes, stroboscopic and visual effect lighting.

Typically linear, U-shaped, or helix shapes form the range of standard stoboscopy lamps. These lamps cover the power range from low power 2 mm arc length up to 600 mm and 3,000 W.  Electronic flashlamps are gas discharge devices for pulse operation. Xenon is used as a fill gas for most applications. For laser excitation Krypton is also used.

For high power and UV applications we offer a variety of different quartz materials. For applications with less strict needs, hard glass is the recommended solution for the correct balance of price and quality.  Our applications engineers will work with you to determine the optimum solution to meet you requirements.

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