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Laser Engraver Repair

With an industry-leading staff, our laser engraver repair services get your laser engraving system up and running fast.

The Maintenance-Free Endeavor J-Series and RETRO Fiber Lasers - Unmatched Confidence and Stability from TJS

The Endeavor J-Series and Endeavor RETRO maintenance-free MOPA fiber lasers offer our customers the confidence and stability they have become accustomed to when dealing with TJS.

Industrial Laser Endeavor Series Options

TJS has three industrial fiber laser marking system options released and available now.

Custom Laser Workstations

TJS Lasers builds custom workstations based on the specific requirements of your job. For over 40 years we have serviced workstations of all types and designs so we know a lot about what works and what doesn't.

Endeavor RETRO: Fiber Laser Applications

Designed to be a replacement system for any existing flash lamp, diode pump, CO2, or other existing laser system, the Endeavor RETRO is a versatile, powerful fiber laser marking system.

Depth of Field Error Correction Using Endeavor Fiber Laser

The attached pictures demonstrate a problem with marking on curved surfaces and a feature in the Endeavor Prolase 7 laser marking software called Correct Cylindrical Distortion.

Endeavor RETRO Fiber Laser Marking System

Since we released the Endeavor J-Series fiber laser marking system line the Endeavor RETRO is one of the most popular options. The Endeavor RETRO is designed to be a replacement system for any existing flash lamp, diode pump, CO2, or other existing laser system.

The Most Common Laser Parts for Solid State and CO2 Laser Systems

Laser system operators know that finding the right laser parts is crucial. When replacing parts, the laser parts you choose need to be the proper type for your machine to ensure that your laser system functions at optimal performance levels. Finding quality replacement parts, especially if you are operating an older model, can sometimes be time-consuming.

Spectron SL Series Laser Repairs, Field Service, and Replacement Components

Spectron laser systems are well known for their reliable, efficient operations. However, no matter how reliable, at some point, all laser systems will require replacement parts, and some will even require repairs or service. The key to keeping your laser system up and running at peak performance is high-quality replacement components and swift service.

Explore the World of Industrial Lighting with TJS

In the dynamic field of industrial lighting, TJS stands out as a leading provider of comprehensive solutions. 

Catering to a diverse range of applications, TJS's portfolio spans from manufacturing and research and development facilities to specialized areas like studio photography and emergency vehicle lighting.