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Explore the World of Industrial Lighting with TJS

In the dynamic field of industrial lighting, TJS stands out as a leading provider of comprehensive solutions. 

Catering to a diverse range of applications, TJS's portfolio spans from manufacturing and research and development facilities to specialized areas like studio photography and emergency vehicle lighting.

Control Laser: There is value in these older laser systems.

The use of lasers and their applications can be very diverse. This "diversity" can often lead to confusion and uncertainty when evaluating system value, especially older lasers.

Sigma Lasers Service and Support

Four short years ago, TJS acquired all GSI-Lumonics, JK Laser lamp pumped Nd:YAG laser technology from Trumpf/SPI, UK.

This acquisition included the GSI-Lumonics Sigma Diode pumped Nd:YLF lasers which we continue to manufacture and support world-wide.

Do You Own Legacy, Obsolete, and Older Laser Systems?

For owners of legacy, obsolete, or older laser systems it can be difficult to find reliable support and quality replacement components.

However, as these systems get older, support and replacement components become ever more necessary to keep these systems up and running.

Excel, Control Laser, Baublys, Quantronix Components and Consumables

TJS, Inc. carries a full line of all components and consumables so you can maintain the consistent operation of your laser system. We have deep experience and expertise with all Excel, Control Laser, Baublys, and Quantronix lasers.

Lumonics Multiwave Auto Laser Service and Repair

GSI Lumonics Multiwave “MW” and Multiwave Auto lasers like any others that have been in the field for some time need service, spare parts, and repair to continue to function properly.

Common to all laser systems, there are certain components which need to be replaced from time to time. On both fronts, repair and replacement, TJS Lasers can help you keep your Lumonics Multiwave “MW” & Multiwave Auto Lasers system running.

Endeavor Fiber Laser Systems

With over 40 years in the laser service and repair industry, last year we decided to put our experience to work to create the best fiber laser system on the market.

Endeavor: Fiber Laser Applications

The Endeavor fiber laser system is a turn-key, Class 1, fully enclosed, full feature fiber laser workstation.

The Endeavor is designed to be a replacement system for an existing flash lamp, diode pump, CO2, and other legacy laser systems.

Candela Laser Support

We offer comprehensive Candela laser support and OEM quality laser parts for Candela laser systems.

The Maintenance-Free Endeavor J-Series and RETRO Fiber Lasers - Unmatched Confidence and Stability from TJS

The Endeavor J-Series and Endeavor RETRO maintenance-free MOPA fiber lasers offer our customers the confidence and stability they have become accustomed to when dealing with TJS.