Technical Support and Laser Repair for a Control Laser Signature

Hello Randy.

Thanks for the update. I sent the message to the warehouse crew to try and coordinate this-I have been tied up in meetings. This time of year is very busy- budgets, evaluations, goals for next year, equipment planning,etc.  I sent our PLC guy over for moral support. Again, I really appreciate your support in helping us resolve this. It is not frequent that we get a vendor that is so proactive in troubleshooting.

We will get ours installed and repeat the procedure once it arrives.  Again, thank you.


**Notes - This is for technical support and repairs to a Control Laser Signature laser.

Multi-Axis Laser Marking Software Support

This TJS Laser customer uses a Control Laser Script laser marking system running our Prolase XP+ multi-axis software.

Custom Laser Marking System Integration

Laser Field Service For Baasel/AB Systems

Hello Randy,

Recently, we had our Carl Baasel/AB Laser system serviced by your TJS Field Service Engineer. I would just like to re-emphasize how pleased we were with the great service and professionalism demonstrated by him in repairing and tuning our Laser to nearly the original factory specs.

When he arrived, the unit was not only intermittent but only putting our approximately 1/3 of its rated power. I'm pleased to say that his expertise has not only improved our productivity, but the unit is no longer a challenge to merely operate. I know of what I speak. I am a certified electronics technician with over 35 years of experience in electronics and have spent time as a field service technician as well. You can bet that we will recommend TJS to our sister companies and other companies as well for all of their laser needs. Thanks to TJS for a splendid job.

Laser Field Service and Repair for Engraver

I wanted you to know that Harry was a huge help for me yesterday. He helped me to get my laser engraver back up and running, and he did it with a smile. I pestered him mercilessly and he took it all in stride!

TJS Laser Repair Services Reduce Operator Frustration

By now I’m sure the RF driver would have faulted several times but after the adjustment of +1/2 turn, it’s been functioning well.
Thanks to Karen for a rapid turnaround of the module. The unit is noticeably more powerful than anytime in the past, even after the OEM had a hand at repairing it a few years back.

I’m pleased our mutual friend put me on to you guys, he saw I was about ready to push the unit off the loading dock.