Do You Own Legacy, Obsolete, and Older Laser Systems?

For owners of legacy, obsolete, or older laser systems it can be difficult to find reliable support and quality replacement components.

However, as these systems get older, support and replacement components become ever more necessary to keep these systems up and running.

Candela Laser Support

We offer comprehensive Candela laser support and OEM quality laser parts for Candela laser systems.

Coherent Replacement Parts and Support

Best known for their industrial lasers, Coherent lasers can be found in cutting, marking, and welding settings. TJS, Inc. provides a full range of Coherent laser replacement parts and professional support and maintenance to ensure that your laser system provides the performance you rely on.

Lumonics Luxstar-50 and LXTR-50 Laser Repair

The GSI Lumonics series of LuxStar ® lasers are used for a wide range of precision spot welding applications in the electronics, medical, automotive, and fine mechanics markets, and TJS, Inc. is the exclusive factory-trained, authorized repair center for all Luxstar-50 and LXTR-50 laser repairs.

Continued Support for General Scanning, GSI Highmark and Lee Laser

From flashlamps to repairs, finding a reputable supplier to help you maintain your laser system can help you keep even older systems up and running. TJS, Inc. supplies OEM quality replacement parts and provides expert service and maintenance for the continued support of General Scanning, GSI Highmark, and Lee Laser systems.

Laser System Service and Repair

Whether you’re using a medical laser or an industrial laser, your laser system is essential to the operation of your business. TJS Inc. offers wrap-around laser system service and repair for every stage of your laser set up and operation. From emergency repairs to safety training, we will help you get up and running fast.

Rely on TJS for Ongoing Lee Laser Systems Support and Service

Last year Lee Laser Inc., part of the Coherent Group, closed its laser facility here in Orlando. This action has created difficulties for those needing components, services, or repairs for their systems.

With over 30 years of experience supporting the Lee Laser systems, TJS, Inc. can fill this gap and offer all users the support they need.

TJS Provides Original Equipment Manufacturers Quality Components, Service, and Support

When an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) decides to move away from supporting their older laser systems, it is not uncommon for users to continue using those systems in the field. Users in this situation can find themselves needing OEM quality components, service, and support without being able to rely on the OEM for solutions. 

TJS, Inc. is an excellent solution for laser system users in these situations because we provide continuing support and components. One example of this is our continuing support for U.S. Laser Corporations flashlamp pumped laser systems which we still offer replacement components for as well as ongoing service.

Long-Term Laser System Support 

Not all companies are interested in or ready to make the switch to the latest and greatest laser systems on the market. However, finding reliable support for older model laser systems can become more and more difficult as time goes by.

When even the OEM refuses to support older models, many companies feel like they have no choice but to upgrade their systems. The good news is that even when the OEM stops supporting a system, we still offer a full range of components, service, repair, and support options!

GSI Lumonics, JK OEM Flashlamps, Parts, In-House Repairs, and On-Site Service

GSI Lumonics/JK laser systems are known as reliable laser systems for precision spot welding in the automotive, electronic, medical, and mechanical industries. However, even the most reliable laser systems periodically will require replacement components and service. TJS, Inc. provides OEM quality flashlamps, parts, and comprehensive in-house repairs and on-site service for GSI Lumonics/JK laser systems.