Candela GentleLase Laser Parts and Repair

Posted by Randy Lusignan on 3/1/22 1:00 PM

From replacement parts to preventative maintenance, it is often best to have a supplier of laser parts and a trusted service provider in place before you need them. Which is why we offer Candela GentleLase owners and operators the peace of mind of knowing we stock all of the parts and offer all of the laser system services you might need.

Candela GentleLase Parts

candela-flow-tube.jpgFinding a reliable supplier of quality laser parts for Candela GentleLase systems is a must for any owner or operator of this system. Some of the most commonly sought-after parts include Alexandrite and Nd:YAG rods and rod repairs. We carry these and keep them in stock for easy replacement.

We also carry and stock most spare laser parts for these systems like triple bore cavities, flow tubes, fiber focusing lens, cover slide, distance gauges, fibers, Cryogen, High Voltage Lamp power supplies, Capacitors, Chokes/Inductors and much more.

In addition to our large stock of components and parts, one of the advantages of using TJS Lasers for your replacement parts is that we offer lower than OEM pricing on all of our components.

Candela GentleLase Repair

Two of the most commonly serviced and repaired parts are the laser inductor, sometimes called the laser choke, and the Candela laser capacitor. TJS carries a full line of both inductors and capacitors for the Candela laser systems and has most of them in stock at any given time.

Our repair staff is some of the best trained with experience repairing all types of Candela GentleLase laser systems. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Candela-systems-Inductors-2-resized-600.jpgSystem Calibration for Laser Power/Energy verification
  • Laser Beam Stability and Operating Mode optimization
  • Optical Fiber polishing, repair, and alignment
  • Clean/replace Deionization and Particle filters
  • Check power supplies for proper output
  • Run diagnostics on computers
  • Clean, inspect, align, and peak for maximum performance and power output
  • Laser Head/Pump Chamber Inspection, Restoration, and Repair
  • Gold cavity inspection or replacement for corrosion, pitting, flaking, and reflectivity
  • Lamp holder/clip inspection or replacement for corrosion, flaking, and deterioration
  • Flow tube inspection/replacement for thermal stress, cracks, mineral deposits or U.V. damage
  • Inspect, clean, replace mirrors for burns, scratches and pitting
  • Inspect, clean, replace AO Q-switch
  • Adjust Bragg angle on AO Q-switch
  • Align mirror and Q-switch for maximum optical performance and output power
  • Cooling system
  • Check DI-water for resistivity, contamination, level, and flow
  • Check thermostat and solenoid for proper operation
  • Check operation of control panel functions
  • Check RF driver
  • Check RF-output and reflected power
  • Test fault circuitry

We provide on-site Service and Preventive Maintenance contracts along with in-house repair services for lamp power supplies, simmer boards, and related components.

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