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Posted by Randy Lusignan on 1/19/22 2:00 PM

From capacitors to lenses, finding quality CO2 laser components from a trustworthy supplier is a necessity for CO2 laser operators.

f-theta-lenses-14525-3227627.jpgWhat Are the Most Commonly Replaced CO2 Laser Components?

If you’re new to owning or operating a CO2 laser, the number of replacement components available from popular suppliers might seem overwhelming. The good news is that while there are many replacement components on the market, not every component you’ll come across is a consumable component. Meaning, some CO2 laser components are consumable and will need to be replaced in the normal operation of your laser, but many of the parts you’ll see listed aren’t something you’ll need to purchase on a regular basis.

The most common consumable CO2 laser components include things like flashlamps, mirrors, lenses, and flow tubes. These are components that you should plan on needing to replace in the normal operation of your laser. We recommend finding a supplier who stocks the type and model of these components you’ll need shortly after purchasing your laser. By planning ahead and having a supplier lined up, you can reduce downtime when these components inevitable need to be replaced.

An Ounce of Prevention…

Another recommendation we make is to take advantage of a laser maintenance program. You can often avoid, or significantly reduce, your chances of needing regular non-consumable CO2 laser components with a preventative maintenance program.

We offer a laser preventative maintenance program with a number of options to suit your particular circumstances. For instance:

  • Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual PM Agreements
  • 24-48 Hour Rapid Response Factory trained, experienced Field Service Engineers (min. 20 years’ experience)
  • Full System support including components, repairs, and technical assistance
  • 100% Success rate resolving laser issues
  • Software/Hardware upgrades, design and engineering enhancements for improved reliability
  • Reduction in cost of operation and maintenance
  • DI-Cooling system inspection including di-water quality, temperature, and flow
  • Review customer programs to confirm and improve operation parameters, flash lamp life, cycle times, operation and maintenance costs

Taking advantage of these sorts of programs can greatly extend the life of your laser system.

Learn More

TJS, Inc. (TJ Sales Associates, Inc.) is the largest consumer in North America of flash lamps and supports the industrial, semiconductor, scientific, medical and aesthetic laser markets worldwide, offering laser repairs, laser services, laser components, and laser refurbishing.

Contact TJS and let us help you locate the right laser components for your laser system. Our trained and experienced staff can help you match your laser system requirements with our large stock of parts of laser systems so that you get the right part the first time.

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