Clear Fused Quartz Flash Lamps

Our Clear Fused Quartz envelope quartz lamps constitute the majority of flashlamps.  This envelope material has an upper operational limit of approximately 600°C and is readily available in a wide range of sizes.  The UV cut off starts at approximately 220 nanometers.

Many flashlamp pumped laser systems use lamps made from clear fused quartz.

Synthetic Quartz is high purity man-made quartz.  It is widely specified when transmission down to 160 nanometers is required.  It generally has superb optical qualities and is the most expensive of all the quartz materials and the least readily available.

Quartz glass gains its unique resistance to arc and thermal shock from the high bonding energy of pure SiO2 and the negligible small expansion of 4 x 10-7/K.

Quartz glass usually requires manual processing and our highly skilled glass blowers know how to form this material in any shape applicable to flash lamp applications.


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