Endeavor: Fiber Laser Applications

Posted by Randy Lusignan on 7/5/23 1:00 PM

The Endeavor fiber laser system is a turn-key, Class 1, fully enclosed, full feature fiber laser workstation.

The Endeavor is designed to be a replacement system for an existing flash lamp, diode pump, CO2, and other legacy laser systems.

The Endeavor RETRO can be designed into a new automation cell, an OEM product, or added to an existing production line. 

The RETRO option will allow customers to utilize their existing workstation along with most automation systems because we replace the existing laser and controls with the appropriate Endeavor RETRO laser.

With its compact footprint and flexible interface, RETRO can be mounted on just about any platform including existing automation, conveyors, and other part processing infra-structure. All RETRO systems are air-cooled and operate on 120VAC making integration simple and operation very cost-effective

Both the Class 1 Endeavor systems and the RETRO are capable of delivering high-quality results for a wide variety of applications.

Rotary Laser Marking - Pen

Laser Engraving - Anodized Aluminum

Deep Laser Engraving/Permanent Mark - Firearm

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Endeavor Fiber Laser Marking System


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