Laser Flash Lamp Replacement

Posted by Randy Lusignan on 4/18/23 8:00 AM

Flash lamps power some of the hardest-working lasers out there. From medical lasers to industrial laser pumping, warning beacons to effect lighting, and studio photography to strobe lighting, flash lamps keep the lasers we rely on up and running.

So, when you need to find a replacement flash lamp, it is vital that you work with a supplier you can trust to deliver quick service and quality flash lamps.  

lampsgrey2_flashlampSome of the laser brands we specifically stock include:

  • A-B Lasers, Inc.
  • Allied Signal
  • ALST
  • Apollo laser
  • Big Sky Laser
  • Candela Laser Corporation
  • Electrox Ltd.
  • Elight Laser Systems, GmbH
  • Excel Control Laser, Inc.
  • NEC Laser 
  • Positive Light
  • Quanta Ray
  • Quantel
  • Toshiba
  • Trimedyne
  • U.S. Laser Corporation

For a more comprehensive list, visit our flash lamps page here.

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TJS, Inc. (TJ Sales Associates, Inc.) is the largest consumer in North America of flash lamps and supports the industrial, semiconductor, scientific, medical, and aesthetic laser markets worldwide, offering laser repairs, services, components, and laser refurbishing.

Contact TJS and let us help you locate the right laser components for your laser system. Our trained and experienced staff can help you match your laser system requirements with our large stock of parts of laser systems so that you get the right part the first time.

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