Endeavor RETRO Fiber Laser Marking System

Posted by Randy Lusignan on 2/5/24 1:00 PM

Retro-Logo-R.jpgSince we released the Endeavor J-Series fiber laser marking system line the Endeavor RETRO is one of the most popular options. The Endeavor RETRO is designed to be a replacement system for any existing flash lamp, diode pump, CO2, or other existing laser system.

fiber laser systemTJS Laser offers three different options, the first being the Endeavor J-Series a turn-key, Class 1 enclosed automated marking system discussed here. In the future, we will introduce a desktop version for small runs and job shop requirements.is one of the most popular options.

The RETRO option will allow customers to utilize their existing workstation along with most automation as we simply replace the laser and controls with the appropriate Endeavor RETRO laser.

With its small footprint and flexible interface, RETRO can be mounted on just about any platform including existing automation, conveyors, and other part processing infrastructure. All RETRO systems are air-cooled and operate on 120VAC making integration simple and operation very cost effective.

Many people call this an OEM laser and that is exactly what RETRO is.  This system can be designed into a new automation cell, an OEM product, or added to an existing production line.  We designed the Endeavor RETRO for maximum flexibility based on our over 31+ years of repairing and retro-fitting laser systems.

All Endeavor RETRO systems are proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA. We are so confident in our design and reliability that we are the only company offering a 3-year warranty on our fiber laser!

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