Long-Term Laser System Support 

Posted by Randy Lusignan on 3/22/22 8:00 AM

Not all companies are interested in or ready to make the switch to the latest and greatest laser systems on the market. However, finding reliable support for older model laser systems can become more and more difficult as time goes by.

When even the OEM refuses to support older models, many companies feel like they have no choice but to upgrade their systems. The good news is that even when the OEM stops supporting a system, we still offer a full range of components, service, repair, and support options!

When an OEM makes the decision to stop supporting an older model laser system it can leave many customers without a source for replacement components or maintenance options. But just because an OEM has decided to move on from a system, doesn’t mean that all of their customers have as well. In fact, oftentimes customers are still using these tried and true systems long after the OEM has stopped supporting them.

Because we know our customers want support for the systems they are using, even if the OEM has stopped supporting it, we will always offer components and support for these systems. Some of the systems we support include:

  • control-laser-icon-upgrade-1.jpgControl Lasers
  • Baubly’s Control Laser
  • Quantronix
  • Lee Laser
  • A-B Laser
  • Rofin Laser
  • Lumonics
  • JK Laser
  • Spectron Laser
  • General Scanning
  • GSI Lumonics
  • GSI Highmark


We stock components and support laser systems regardless of their age. Some of the most common laser system components that we carry include:

  • Flashlamps
  • Mirrors
  • Lenses
  • Optics
  • Fiber optic delivery systems
  • Walter Filters
  • Pumps
  • Flow tubes
  • Dust windows
  • Laser crystals

Service and Maintenance

In addition to commonly needed components, we also provide our customers with the service and support they need to keep their systems running. In fact, we offer the industry’s best customer service with comprehensive support nationwide. That means that if you have an emergency our 24/48 emergency service call response time gets you up and running fast, minimizing downtime and lost revenue.

We also offer a preventative maintenance program so you can keep your laser system, regardless of the model or OEM support, up and running!

And, when companies are ready to begin looking into newer models and systems, the Endeavor J-Series Fiber Laser Marking System is one of the best fiber laser systems available anywhere!

Learn More about Laser System Support

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