Sigma Lasers

TJS Lasers is proud to offer the Sigma line of lasers. TJS is the OEM Manufacturer of the Sigma lasers line providing OEM components only.

TJS CEO Anthony Molee states, "Our customers are our top priority, we are confident that we will offer all JK/SPI LPSSL customers the very best levels of global after sales support. We very much look forward to building effective relationships with our latest customers".

WaferMark® series laser systems from TJS are the acknowledged industry leaders for semiconductor wafer marking applications.

TJS offers WaferMark solutions for the key applications for marking wafers and dies — item level traceability and product identification. We supply the semiconductor industry's silicon suppliers, wafer reclaim, and  wafer manufacturers with the best processing lasers available.

TJS offers technical support, replacement components, and service for all Sigma systems marketed under the following brand names:

  • GSI Lumonics Sigma Wafer Mark
  • GSI Lumonics Sigma Clean
  • Sigma Laser
  • Sigma DSC
  • Sigma Hard Mark
  • Sigma Wafermark

  • Sigmaclean

  • Sigma Wafermark Flowcell

  • Sigmaclean Flowcell

  • Sigma Wafermark Diode

  • Sigmaclean Diode

We offer 100W and 200W Diodes and Flowcells used in the Sigma lasers as a replacement component.

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Sigma Laser

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