TJS is Excelitas' Exclusive Flash Lamp Distributor

Posted by Randy Lusignan on 6/23/11 2:37 PM

TJS Inc. (TJ Sales Associates, Inc.) is pleased to announce that they have come to an exclusive distribution arrangement with Excelitas Technologies. This agreement includes all Laser Flash Lamp and IPL pumping products produced by Excelitas including Krypton Arc, Pulsed Xenon Flash Lamps and IPL lamps for the North American market.

This partnership with Excelitas Technologies (formerly Perkin-Elmer) as their exclusive North American distributor gives customers the solutions and highest quality OEM flash lamps needed at distribution pricing.

"TJS Inc. is extremely proud of this exclusive distribution arrangement and we are committed to continue offering all Excelitas products at distribution pricing. We carry extensive inventory for on time deliveries," states TJS Inc. President Anthony Molee. "We will work with the factory to offer our customers custom designs and design changes as well as providing additional lamp related accessories such as lamp contact assemblies, trigger transformers, and lamp flow tubes.", says Mr. Molee.

TJS, Inc. (TJ Sales Associates, Inc.) is the largest consumer in North America of flash lamps and supports the industrial, semiconductor, scientific, medical and aesthetic laser markets worldwide, offering laser repairs, laser services, laser components, and laser refurbishing.

Topics: Laser Parts, Pulsed Xenon Lamps