The Most Common Laser Parts for Solid State and CO2 Laser Systems

Laser system operators know that finding the right laser parts is crucial. When replacing parts, the laser parts you choose need to be the proper type for your machine to ensure that your laser system functions at optimal performance levels. Finding quality replacement parts, especially if you are operating an older model, can sometimes be time-consuming.

Excel, Control Laser, Baublys, Quantronix Components and Consumables

TJS, Inc. carries a full line of all components and consumables so you can maintain the consistent operation of your laser system. We have deep experience and expertise with all Excel, Control Laser, Baublys, and Quantronix lasers.

Lumonics Multiwave Auto Laser Service and Repair

GSI Lumonics Multiwave “MW” and Multiwave Auto lasers like any others that have been in the field for some time need service, spare parts, and repair to continue to function properly.

Common to all laser systems, there are certain components which need to be replaced from time to time. On both fronts, repair and replacement, TJS Lasers can help you keep your Lumonics Multiwave “MW” & Multiwave Auto Lasers system running.

Coherent Replacement Parts and Support

Best known for their industrial lasers, Coherent lasers can be found in cutting, marking, and welding settings. TJS, Inc. provides a full range of Coherent laser replacement parts and professional support and maintenance to ensure that your laser system provides the performance you rely on.

Laser Flash Lamp Replacement

Flash lamps power some of the hardest-working lasers out there. From medical lasers to industrial laser pumping, warning beacons to effect lighting, and studio photography to strobe lighting, flash lamps keep the lasers we rely on up and running.

So, when you need to find a replacement flash lamp, it is vital that you work with a supplier you can trust to deliver quick service and quality flash lamps.  

Cutera CoolGlide Laser Parts and Repair

Typically used for laser hair removal, the Cutera Coolglide laser system is one of the popular laser systems we stock replacement parts and perform comprehensive maintenance for.

Cynosure Laser Machine Parts

Cynosure medical lasers are one of the most common medical lasers in the field today. As a trusted brand of medical laser systems, Cynosure laser can be found in medical offices across the country. Even a trusted name in laser tattoo removal and skin revitalization like Cynosure will require users to have access to Cynosure laser machine parts.

Quick Guide to Common Laser Parts: Flash Lamps

Flash lamps are the oldest energy source used for lasers, but the modern flash lamps most are familiar with are significantly different from the flash lamps used in the earliest days of lasers.

Modern flash lamps offer significantly longer useful life and come in a wide array of materials and shapes.

Continued Support for General Scanning, GSI Highmark and Lee Laser

From flashlamps to repairs, finding a reputable supplier to help you maintain your laser system can help you keep even older systems up and running. TJS, Inc. supplies OEM quality replacement parts and provides expert service and maintenance for the continued support of General Scanning, GSI Highmark, and Lee Laser systems.

Medical Laser Parts and Repair

With advancements in medical lasers making greater and greater strides all the time, it is important to know that any medical laser you add to your office is fully supported throughout the life of the laser.

Finding a reliable source for commonly replaced laser parts (like flashlamps) and experienced service personnel in case something goes wrong is the key to keeping your laser running and productive.