Parts for Candela Lasers for Service and Repair

A common laser system component that requires service and repair is a Candela laser inductor, also sometimes referred to as a laser choke.  TJS Lasers carries a full line of Candela inductors and has most of them in stock at any time.

Trumpf Laser Parts and Service

With nearly 100 years of experience manufacturing laser systems, Trumpf lasers can be found across the globe. For those in the U.S., however, you have options when choosing a Trumpf laser part and service provider.

CO2 Laser Parts

A combination of high power and affordability make CO2 lasers a popular laser choice for many applications. Commonly used in medical and industrial settings, CO2 lasers do require some consumable parts like fuses, flashlamps, and lenses

GSI Lumonics Flash Lamp and JK Flash Lamp Pumped Laser Systems

If you’re using a GSI Lumonics or JK laser system, it might be time to replace your flash lamp.

Laser Flash Lamp Replacement

Flash lamps power some of the hardest working lasers out there. From medical lasers to industrial laser pumping, warning beacons to effect lighting, and studio photography to strobe lighting flash lamps keep the lasers we rely on up and running. So, when you need to find a replacement flash lamp, it is vital that you work with a supplier you can trust to deliver quick service and quality flash lamps.  

Candela GentleLase Laser Parts and Repair

From replacement parts to preventative maintenance, it is often best to have a supplier of laser parts and a trusted service provider in place before you need them. Which is why we offer Candela GentleLase owners and operators the peace of mind of knowing we stock all of the parts and offer all of the laser system services you might need.

CO2 Laser Components

From capacitors to lenses, finding quality CO2 laser components from a trustworthy supplier is a necessity for CO2 laser operators.

Finding Quality Laser Components: Know What You Need

Even the best-maintained laser will eventually need replacement parts. From lenses to dust windows, finding quality parts for a laser can be a hassle. With so many suppliers online it is important to find a source for laser parts that you can trust.

3 Things to Look for in a Laser Parts Supplier

Sourcing laser parts can sometimes be a time-consuming process. Finding the right components and support for lasers, especially older model lasers, is essential for anyone who operates and maintains a laser. With lasers making their way into more and more fields and industries, finding a trusted supplier has never been more important.

So what makes a good laser parts supplier?

Laser System Components

High quality replacement laser system components are a must for any laser system operator. Even the most reliable and easy to maintain systems need replacement parts from time to time, so finding a supplier with a large stock, reliable service, and quick replacement time is key.