Pulsed Xenon Lamps and Strobe Lamps

Pulsed Xenon lamps are the light creator of choice for high performance flash and arc lamp applications such as medical and industrial laser pumping, digital and studio photography, warning beacons and strobes, stroboscopic and effect lighting.

Our lamps  are perfectly suited for high repetition rates in stroboscopic applications. Typically, linear, U-shaped, or helix form the range of standard stroboscopy lamps, covering everything from low-power 2 mm arc length up to more than 600 mm and 3000 W.

Pulsed Xenon Lamps Features

  • Wide variety of lamp designs 
  • Different shapes, colors and sizes (from below 10 mm to approx. 600 mm) 
  • Wattage ranging from 1 to several thousand Watts 
  • Large variety of envelope materials for customer-specific spectral requirements 
  • Customization of lamps with trigger electrodes, end caps, flexible or rigid wires

Pulsed Xenon Lamp Applications

  • Sport photography 
  • Machine vision 
  • Display effect lights 
  • Medical 
  • Architectural lighting 

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