Endeavor: Fiber Laser Applications

The Endeavor fiber laser system is a turn-key, Class 1, fully enclosed, full feature fiber laser workstation.

The Endeavor is designed to be a replacement system for an existing flash lamp, diode pump, CO2, and other legacy laser systems.

The Maintenance-Free Endeavor J-Series and RETRO Fiber Lasers - Unmatched Confidence and Stability from TJS

The Endeavor J-Series and Endeavor RETRO maintenance-free MOPA fiber lasers offer our customers the confidence and stability they have become accustomed to when dealing with TJS.

Industrial Laser Endeavor Series Options

TJS has three industrial fiber laser marking system options released and available now.

Endeavor RETRO: Fiber Laser Applications

Designed to be a replacement system for any existing flash lamp, diode pump, CO2, or other existing laser system, the Endeavor RETRO is a versatile, powerful fiber laser marking system.

Fiber Laser Marking Systems

The first of our Endeavor fiber laser systems to be debuted was the J-Series. A turn-key, Class 1 fully enclosed fiber laser workstation delivered as standard many features that are normally high priced options, while delivering a reliable and stable work environment for our customers.

Custom Laser Workstations

TJS Lasers builds custom workstations based on the specific requirements of your job. For over 40 years we have serviced workstations of all types and designs so we know a lot about what works and what doesn't.

Endeavor RETRO Fiber Laser Marking System

A few months ago we released the Endeavor J-Series fiber laser marking system and now we announce the release of the Endeavor RETRO.  The Endeavor RETRO is designed to be a replacement system for any existing flash lamp, diode pump, CO2, or other existing laser system.

Depth of Field Error Correction Using Endeavor Fiber Laser

The attached pictures demonstrate a problem with marking on curved surfaces and a feature in the Endeavor Prolase 7 laser marking software called Correct Cylindrical Distortion. The problem occurs when the distance from the laser marking spot changes because the part has a curve. Essentially the laser moves our of focus as it approaches the edges of the mark surface as seen in the first picture. 

We call the solution in the Endeavor Prolase 7 laser marking software Depth of Field Error Correction when speaking to customers as they seem to relate to this better.

See the edges in this photo where the fill of the mark gets inconsistent.

TJS Ships the First Endeavor Fiber Laser System

After 35+ years of servicing and repairing laser we have shipped the first laser marking system designed, engineered, and built right here at TJS in Sanford, FL.

TJS Announces the Release of the Endeavor J-Series Fiber Laser Systems

Endeavor Fiber Laser Marking System The Endeavor J-Series laser offers our customers the confidence and stability they have become accustomed too when dealing with TJS. Since 1980, TJS has been a global manufacturer and supplier of laser systems, consumables, service and repairs. As a result of this extensive manufacturing and support background, the concept and development of the Endeavor J-Series was initiated, the focus being a system offering only the very best features and reliability to our customers. We have integrated many design features normally considered ”options” as standard features in the Endeavor and we are confident our customers will appreciate and utilize daily.