Quick Guide to Common Laser Parts: Flash Lamps

Posted by Randy Lusignan on 3/1/23 1:00 PM

Flash lamps are the oldest energy source used for lasers, but the modern flash lamps most are familiar with are significantly different from the flash lamps used in the earliest days of lasers.

Modern flash lamps offer significantly longer useful life and come in a wide array of materials and shapes.

Helical-FlashLamp.jpgXenon and Krypton Flash Lamps

Often found in the high-performance flash and arc lamp applications favored by the medial and industrial industries, Xenon flash lamps and Krypton arc lamps are the light engines of choice for applications like:

  • Industrial laser pumping
  • Digital and studio photography
  • Warning beacons and strobes
  • Stroboscopic and effect lighting

Xenon and Krypton flash lamps are confined arc flash lamps that produce microsecond to millisecond duration pulses of broadband light of high radiant intensities. Capable of operating at high repetition rates, these flash lamps generate light over a continuous spectrum from ultraviolet to infrared.

Flash Lamp Shapes

Flash lamps can come in many forms, including linear lamps, U-shape, circular, helical, and double helix forms. The particular application and laser system determine the ideal solution, but we offer many different lamp shapes to meet diverse product specifications. Complete plug-in solutions, lamps, sockets, and integrated trigger coils are available and can be customized to meet customer needs.

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