Warning Beacons and Strobes

Warning Beacons and Strobes For Your Application

TJS is the preferred OEM distributor for warning beacons and strobe lights.  TJS offers the largest assortment of different lamp shapes to meet the diverse product needs within the warning beacon market.

Warning light applications include:

  • tower strobes
  • airport runway warning lights
  • lighting for an emergency vehicle
  • emergency exit lighting

CX-Strobe™ fiber optic Vision and Illumination System produce maximum light output with a wide range of flash rates. They offer high output, long life and superior reliability. The CX-Strobe incorporates the latest innovations in Xenon flashlamp technology, power supply engineering, trigger performance, and reflector design.

The CX-Strobe is housed in a closed, powder coated aluminum enclosure for operation in harsh, demanding environments. The Xenon flashlamp produces intense pulses of radiant energy covering the ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS) and near infrared

Warning Beacons and Strobes

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Warning Beacons and Strobes
Warning Beacons and strobes

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