Laser Consumables

TJS Offers Laser Consumables for Industrial, Medical, and Scientific Laser Systems

Our inventory includes laser consumables such as:

  • OEM Krypton and Xenon arc and flashlamps
  • mirrors
  • lenses
  • optics
  • fiber optic delivery systems
  • water filters
  • pumps
  • flow tubes
  • dust windows
  • laser crystals (rods)
  • q-switch
  • flashlamp power supplies
  • rf-drivers
  • galvanometer motors and mirrors
  • laser head assemblies and individual components

TJS also offers laser safety glasses, protective barriers, and laser safe windows. TJS provides alignment and diagnostic tools such as infrared viewing cards, autocollimators, laser power meters and alignment lasers.

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Laser Consumables

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Theta Lenses - Laser Consumables

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