Trumpf Laser Parts and Service

Posted by Randy Lusignan on 11/17/22 12:02 PM

With nearly 100 years of experience manufacturing laser systems, Trumpf lasers can be found across the globe. For those in the U.S., however, you have options when choosing a Trumpf laser part and service provider.

laser-component_-di-filters-resized-600.jpgLaser System Repair

Even when dealing with reliable laser systems like those from Trumpf, laser system repair and preventative maintenance are operational considerations. With factory-trained service engineers and years of experience, our support staff offers users a viable, cost-effective alternative to the laser system OEM.

But why choose an independent service provider? First, an OEM may not be the fastest or most cost-effective option. Often the fastest service provider is the ideal service provider if you are experiencing downtime and lost revenue due to a downed laser system.

Also, an independent service provider can offer services and advice without any bias or pressure from an OEM.

Also, considering a service provider like TJS, we are the largest U.S. company that provides direct replacement components, services, and repairs. This means we have the resources and experience to provide the best possible service, pricing, and rates.

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Contact TJS and let us help you locate the right laser components for your Trumpf laser system. Our trained and experienced staff can help you match your Trumpf laser parts and service requirements with our large stock of parts of laser systems so that you get the right part the first time.


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