Upgrade Your Control Laser System

laser marking systems upgradeThe OEM no longer manufacturers the Insignia/Icon lasers and has limited their support for these systems, preferring to steer customers to their new systems. TJS offers 100% support including all spare parts, repairs, service and upgrades.

This will not change.

TJS, Inc. has designed and developed a Windows interface for the Baubly's/Control Laser Corporation INSIGNIA LX900 and ICON LS900 lasers.  This reliable interface utilizes the Prolase XP software operating system. This system upgrade provides our customers with many advantages including

  • long term system stability
  • upgraded laser marking software and remove proprietary OEM software
  • remove obsolote and proprietary digital fiber optic slave cards
  • eliminate computer communications issues and run one standard PC
  • uses all off the shelf hardware - you are not held hostage to one manufacturer

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