Endeavor Fiber Laser Systems

With over 40 years in the laser service and repair industry, last year we decided to put our experience to work to create the best fiber laser system on the market.

Endeavor: Fiber Laser Applications

The Endeavor fiber laser system is a turn-key, Class 1, fully enclosed, full feature fiber laser workstation.

The Endeavor is designed to be a replacement system for an existing flash lamp, diode pump, CO2, and other legacy laser systems.

Candela Laser Support

We offer comprehensive Candela laser support and OEM quality laser parts for Candela laser systems.

The Maintenance-Free Endeavor J-Series and RETRO Fiber Lasers - Unmatched Confidence and Stability from TJS

The Endeavor J-Series and Endeavor RETRO maintenance-free MOPA fiber lasers offer our customers the confidence and stability they have become accustomed to when dealing with TJS.

Coherent Replacement Parts and Support

Best known for their industrial lasers, Coherent lasers can be found in cutting, marking, and welding settings. TJS, Inc. provides a full range of Coherent laser replacement parts and professional support and maintenance to ensure that your laser system provides the performance you rely on.

Lumonics Luxstar-50 and LXTR-50 Laser Repair

The GSI Lumonics series of LuxStar ® lasers are used for a wide range of precision spot welding applications in the electronics, medical, automotive, and fine mechanics markets, and TJS, Inc. is the exclusive factory-trained, authorized repair center for all Luxstar-50 and LXTR-50 laser repairs.

Laser Flash Lamp Replacement

Flash lamps power some of the hardest-working lasers out there. From medical lasers to industrial laser pumping, warning beacons to effect lighting, and studio photography to strobe lighting, flash lamps keep the lasers we rely on up and running.

So, when you need to find a replacement flash lamp, it is vital that you work with a supplier you can trust to deliver quick service and quality flash lamps.  

Cutera CoolGlide Laser Parts and Repair

Typically used for laser hair removal, the Cutera Coolglide laser system is one of the popular laser systems we stock replacement parts and perform comprehensive maintenance for.

Cynosure Laser Machine Parts

Cynosure medical lasers are one of the most common medical lasers in the field today. As a trusted brand of medical laser systems, Cynosure laser can be found in medical offices across the country. Even a trusted name in laser tattoo removal and skin revitalization like Cynosure will require users to have access to Cynosure laser machine parts.

Quick Guide to Common Laser Parts: Flash Lamps

Flash lamps are the oldest energy source used for lasers, but the modern flash lamps most are familiar with are significantly different from the flash lamps used in the earliest days of lasers.

Modern flash lamps offer significantly longer useful life and come in a wide array of materials and shapes.