ProLase XP Laser Software Demo

Try ProLaseXP for FREE - laser marking and laser engraving software from TJS, Inc.

See for yourself what thousands of users already know - Prolase is the best laser marking software available.

Some of the advanced features you will enjoy include:

  • Standard Windows Interface
  • Highest Quality Marks Available
  • Direct Galvo Control
  • No Helper Cards Needed
  • Interfaces with more lasers and marking heads than any other software
  • DLL and COM Automation Interfaces
    6 Axis Control
  • Photo Quality Bitmaps
  • 2-D Barcodes
  • Tool Path Optimization
  • TrueType and Single Stroke Fonts
  • Alignment Objects
  • Advanced Graphic Manipulation
  • "Light Show" alignment
  • Strong Customer Support
  • Micro-Machining Controls