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Try for FREE ProLase 7 - the newest member of the ProLase family.

See for yourself what thousands of users already know - ProLase is the best laser marking software available.

It maintains the look and feel of the popular ProLase user interface, but has a whole new engine under the hood.

Specifically designed kernel mode drivers allow ProLase 7 support all of the hardware configurations offered in previous versions of ProLase, while running natively in the current Microsoft operating systems (Windows7).  ProLase7 will also run under Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.

And of course, our policy of continually improving the product and adding new features continues with ProLase 7  Among the latest features added are goodies such as "Rich Text Objects" and an improved graphic acquisition method.  This new method is highly reliable, version independent, and greatly simplifies getting vector graphics into ProLase.

prolase 7

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