TJS Repairs and Services Scientific Lasers

TJS supports many of the top names in scientific lasers at the world’s leading Universities, Technical Institutions and Research Laboratories.

We offer vast expereience with high energy Pulsed lasers, Femtosecond, fundamental, frequency doubled, third and fourth harmonic systems, Nd:YAG, Nd:Glass, ruby, Ti:Sapphire, EO and AO Q-Switched lasers.

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Scientific lasers are used for many applications, including

  • Interferometric techniques
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
  • Atmospheric remote sensing
  • Investigating nonlinear optics phenomena
  • Holographic techniques
  • Laser based LIght Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) technology

For over 30 years, TJS has been the largest U.S. distributor and consumer of laser flashlamps. TJS has been able to leverage this reputation and offer our customers the exact OEM lamps at distribution pricing, guaranteed! If you will provide the OEM part number for your lamp along with monthly or annual usage, we will be happy to offer a competitive quote on this item.

There are many additional items TJS can offer for these lasers such as laser head components, gold cavities, di-filters, flow tubes, particle filters, mirrors, q-switches, lamp power supplies, rf-drivers, repairs and much more.

In science, lasers are used in many ways, including: