Industrial Laser Components, Service, Repairs and System Upgrades

Industrial lasers are proliferating daily. More and more applications are moving to laser processing due to reduced costs of ownership, increased ease of use, and process flexibility. Manufacturers in many case must use a laser due to specifications, regulations, and industry standards - not to mention competitive pressures.

Here are TJS we know where an industrial laser comes from and how to make an industrial laser perform at peak levels.

We have decades of experience providing innovative, customized solutions for a wide variety of industrial laser applications including:

  • Automotive Welding & Cutting
  • Aerospace UID Matrix 2-D Bar Codes
  • General Cutting & Welding
  • Drilling
  • Annealing
  • Marking/Engraving
  • Resistor Trimming
  • Diamond Processing
  • Heat Treating
  • Entertainment Light Show Lasers
  • Semiconductor Wafer Scribing

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